Pioneer Cable Descramblers

Pioneer Models BA9000 thru BA9999


Add-on You must have a cable company box

!! ONLY $225 !!

The RFT-PRO PIO-9000 is the only tester that we know of for the Pioneer 9000 cable box. (will not work in Mt. Vernon NY, and in OHIO)

The PIO-9000 will fully activate any Pioneer cable converter box with a model # starting with BA9.

One unit will activate up to 4 boxes! 

This is a superior tester, unlike any other on the market with new super easy to use functions.


  • Highest quality parts, circuit board, case, and workmanship.
  • Works on all Pioneer Models BA9***
  • Fully digital synthesized tuning (NEVER DRIFTS).
  • Stays on line 24 hour a day, 7 days a week.
  • Bullet-proof, surge-proof, and RF leak proof.
  • This device will not lock your box once removed.
  • Works with up to 4 separate cable boxes at one time.
  • Non-addressable.
  • External unit.
  • Includes AC adapter for power.
  • LCD read out and buttons on top for easy operation.
  • The RFT-PRO PIO-9000 is simply unbeatable!